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Value Engineering

Model Precision Machine, Inc. provides Value Engineering for customers looking for cost savings on newly designed parts as well as existing manufactured parts.

Existing Part Analysis

Using the latest technologies and technical expertise, we will work with your Team to thoroughly asses the part's characteristics as they apply to:

  • Fit: Identify and determine required tolerances need for the part to interface with existing systems and other parts
  • Form: Determine all critical dimensions, weight, size, and visual attributes.
  • Function: Performance and operation, special materials


Part Optimization

Working from the existing part, and aided by input from the customer, Model Precision Machine will:

  • Identify features of the part to modify or eliminate to create cost savings
  • Optimize the part design for manufacturability while still maintaining fit and function

Verification & Subsequent Runs

After the part has been produced, we thoroughly check the part and may provide an example to the Customer for a fit-test and approval.

Model Precision Machine, Inc. will retain the new part design for any subsequent orders the customer may require.